Bad Blood

by Selfies

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released December 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Selfies Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Its Automatic
self eradication
no motivation
moving parts
no hesitation
no meaning
no feeling
die in your sleep
youre only dreaming

its automatic

my generation
our contribution
its automatic
not romantic
no control
of your actions
Track Name: Police Dogs
gas masks and .22's
a crazy man in a psychic suit
dial it in to the news
your neighbors stare like youre in a zoo

police dogs are at my door
they know Im here
police dogs are at my door
they smell my fear

im a target in my home
no hostages, im alone
see the guns drawn for me
I know their moves through telepathy
Track Name: Ex-Illuminati
not gonna listen any more
the conspiracies are such a bore
chaos rules, new world orders fools
but all I see is twenty three

I got in
I got out
I did my time
with the all seeing eye

not gonna listen any more
idiots chanting useless lore
youre only a slave if you want to be
but all I see is twenty three
Track Name: My Control
my control

ive got these problems in my head
i need complete control
Track Name: Chronocide
just killing time

im wasting away
Track Name: Cult of One
shapes are forming in an empty room
the only place that i know is real
its my ceremony its my ritual
and all my thoughts are weird

its my cult of one

no clones no fools
no empty rules
a world for me
and me alone
Track Name: Do The Void
now its time
to lose your mind
dont do the android
just do the void

do the void
Track Name: Black Holes
so dark so hard to touch
those eyes will eat me up
those holes have no control
you will destroy this world

theres nothing I can do
black holes Im in love with you

all light dissapears
all goes black when you come near
annihilation from your eyes
wipe out space and time

black holes every day
black holes wont go away
Track Name: Self Destruct Sequence
need you so bad my hearts a black hole
got my mind on remote control
my eyes are craters im lost in space
your touch a program i cant erase
am i robot
im not a man
countdown to destruction
self destruct my pointless function

switchboard in my mind
circuit breaker for a spine
tangled circuits rigged and wired
not long before til I expire
to you Im a ghost
my names a number you dont know
and you dont miss me now
but youll see my face in a mushroom cloud
Track Name: Bad Blood
every word
every thought
is soaked
in blood

bad blood